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Learning through speaking
You don’t like long and boring grammar classes? No problem! At HOC, our trainers focus on spoken language and active examples, which make our classes lively and fun.

Learning languages with the HOC Method

Our core strengths are the HOC method and materials, which provide the quickest and most effective approach for all language learning objectives. The method is backed by a dedicated team of HOC trainers and support staff, who further an enabling environment for successful language acquisition.

During our classes, the main focus is the spoken language. The HOC Method focuses on your oral skills first, followed by improving your reading, listening, and writing skills. You will learn the language by speaking it – all according to your personal needs. Read more about the components of the HOC Method:

Communication First

During class, only the target language will be used. You will learn the meaning of words through their context. Another important HOC training principle is the focus of the course on speaking and listening instead of putting you through long grammar classes. You will learn new words and grammar through active examples instead of dull explanations. Our specialized training consists of these three stages:

a) Presentation
During the first stage, your language teacher will introduce new topics and new vocabulary with examples and involve you in the learning process

b) Practice
Practice, practice, and more practice: By using your newly gained knowledge, you will learn how to form correct sentences while gaining confidence in your language and vocabulary skills – all with the help of your trainer.

c) Production
This is the moment when you can creatively use the language by acting out everyday situations, fun role-play scenarios, and interesting presentations – giving the language an exciting new meaning.

Our HOC Language Trainers

Better trainers make better students this is why we work exclusively with qualified trainers with native speaker proficiency and the ability to motivate others! Our trainers are trained through the HOC Academy by HOC experts in how to apply our training methods and use our specially designed material with individuals or small groups.

Students work in a very relaxed yet productive atmosphere and are guided in the right direction by their trainer. This is what you can expect from us.

Classes adapted to your needs: Your trainer will make sure that you keep up with the pace.
Error correction: Our teachers will correct your mistakes and pronunciation by using a positive approach.
Step by step: We make sure that you master a topic before we move on to new ones.
Your opinion matters: Feel free to express yourself during the course!
Training techniques: Trainers use different techniques during their lessons to adapt to a variety of learning styles.

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