Poland Work Permit

Poland Work Permit

Non-EU citizens require a work permit to enter Poland. There are different types of work permits

Type A : This work permit is granted to foreign nationals employed in a company with a registered office in Poland.

Type B : Given to those who are a company board members and have been staying in Poland for more than six months within a period of one year.

Type C : This work permit is valid for those who are sent to work from a foreign employer to a branch of the company in Poland for a period that is more than 30 days.

Type D : This work permit is for those who are sent to work in export service for a temporary or occasional time. The foreign company delegating should not have a branch in Poland.

Type E : Work permit for anyone who does not take up the above-mentioned categories of work assignments.


Contact a consultant for a free assessment. HOC consultants will guide you throughout the process.
• Search for employment
• An employer does Labor Market Test
• Collect, prepare, and submit the required documents to the employer
• Payment of fees, insurance, and fund detail submission
• Application and other relevant paperwork is carried out by the employer
• Issue of work permit, once the application is approved
• Apply With the Poland Embassy or vfs all across the world for visa issuance
• Get a resident permit and once Approved after working with the employer for 3 months you can apply for TRC(Temporary Residence Permit Card) and you can access to travel to Schengen countries thereafter.

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Poland Work Permit

There are numerous options for a variety of professions thanks to the Poland Work Permit Program. A democracy in the center of Europe, inhabited by kind, warm individuals who value their heritage while Building a contemporary economy in Poland, a nation that belongs to both the EU and NATO, is a crucial the player in the development of European integration. One advantage of having Polish residence is the ability to travel and work in any Schengen nation.

Poland is quickly creating new job prospects for talented professionals thanks to its stable democracy and economy, which has a positive impact on people’s quality of life. In high demand in the European labor market are physicians, pharmacists, architects, IT specialists, accountants, economists, engineers, cooks, product specialists, and other general laborers.

Who requires getting a work permit in Poland?
If a foreigner who is not a citizen of an EU member state satisfies the following requirements about their legal residence in Poland, they are permitted to work in the Republic of Poland under the terms of a work permit:
• A temporary residency permit is required.
• A Schengen visa or another form of residency permit granted by another Schengen Area member state.
• Based on visa-free travel if the conditions of a visa-free travel agreement provide for the performance of employment by foreigners.
• Work permit validity periods.

Are Poland Visas Extendable?
Yes! However, for Schengen areas, the extension process is not that straightforward. The candidate must present fresh information regarding the rationale for staying in Poland for a longer period of time than requested. Additionally, after reviewing the Poland visa extension application, the Polish Embassy has the last say. You have the support of HOC Consultants during this procedure. We take pride in being known as one of the best Poland Work Visa Consultants in Dubai for residents with real-time visa processing and settlement abroad services. Our goal is still to provide you with the best opportunities in 2023 in accordance with the program’s modification.

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