Malta Work Permit

Malta Work Permit

In order to work in Malta a non-EU citizen have to apply for a visa and a work permit

Short-Stay Visa or C Visa, Schengen (short-term) visa is issued in different ways

• Single Entry – single uninterrupted stay for not more than 3 months
• Double entry – two stays in which total should not exceed 3 months
• Multiple entry – multiple stays allowed but the sum of the time period should not be more than 3months
• National Long-Stay Visa or D Visa

Permits to stay in Malta for more than 3 months, all those who wish to work in Malta have to have this visa

Work Permit
Single Permit procedure is the type of work permit required to work in Malta. The application for single permit is submitted by the employer. Single permit also called as e-residence card and is valid for one year and usually takes a processing time of two to three months.

• Contact a consultant for free assessment
• Provide all the required documents to the employer
• Employer will submit the application to Malta identity services
• Malta identity services will issue the authorization letter to work in Malta

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