Latvia Work Permit

Latvia Work Permit

To legally work in Latvia, members of the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) do not require a work visa or work permit. Non-EEA nationals, however, require both – which are both granted on the application of a Long-Stay Visa.

A Long-Stay Visa D authorizes a person to enter Latvia for a maximum period of a year, but the need for a work permit and/or residence permit depends on the type of national visa, which varies according to the job and qualifications of the foreign national. Non-EEA nationals (in both cases) must also apply for social insurance and a tax number. Long-Stay Visas, or Work Visas, are normally authorized for a year, but they can be renewed.

Non-EU and non-EEA nationals may also apply for an EU Blue Card – this works both as a work and residence permit for highly-qualified non-EU workers who wish to work and live in the EU.

To meet the qualifications, you will need:
• Proof of your higher education qualification (university degree, transcripts, etc.), or in some case, proof of at least 5 years of relevant professional experience.
• An employment contract of at least a year (does not apply for self-employed work or entrepreneurs)
• A higher-than-average salary compared to the average salary of Latvia (except when the lower salary threshold applies)
• Long-Stay Visa application
• The necessary travel documents – passport, health insurance, travel itinerary, etc.
Proof you meet all legal requirements to practice your profession, where this is regulated

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